The architects who have build churches. Is there any real Art in their Work? More than Devotion to The absolute imaginary Figure of all Times: God?

They were either very obsessed with religion or they had crazy ideas, or maybe both religiously obsessed and crazy.

Mr Sketchy’s note on religious architecture

Sketch of mister sketchy nicknamed the philosopher. A person who meets difficulties and complex matters with calmness and composure.

Constructions of divine blessing

Pleasing to the eye?

Never really liked religious architecture churches and cathedrals, the bombast of it, the foolish aesthetics of towers reaching to the sky, all those buildings represents megalomania, the cheap message of a divine blessing, the suggestion of a god as master of the universe, how foolish is all of that?

The idea of a creator of all beings and all life on the planet Earth is an absurdity, entering a cathedral means welcome to Absurdia.