Mister Sketchy’s Satirical note on Narcissism and Self-Mythology

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Sketch of mister sketchy nicknamed the philosopher. A person who meets difficulties and complex matters with calmness and composure. He has a very improvisational attitude towards the ritual of writing fiction.

Please Notice: following text is based on pure irony, the proof of narcissism, one of the most important disorders that conflicts with empathy and altruism.

I looked at my face full admiration and said to myself yes look at me, my mirror image, very nice and I asked myself my dearest one as if he was an alter ego asked him you who are you? how can you be so fucking handsome and he answered yes we are very nice indeed. I Totally Agree. You have such an amazing beautiful face, artful, enigmatic, unbelievable, just like Mona Lisa, full of innocence.

Yes I said to him. my precious friend, I am just amazing. My face shines, you can see it radiates sincere love. In Russia they wish their dictator looked like this. In America they wished their president looked like this. My God, what a sweet boyish face.

Brad Pitt and George Clooney, they look like monkeys compared with my face, really. Let’s not talk about all the women who spontaneously fell in love with me: I’ve just simply lost count of all the women I have made happy!

Surely, I am a heaven send and a profound blessing for mankind. A gift. Let me ask you, my friend there in the mirror: who would want to attack this kind of face?

Only an idiot, mad people full of hysterical rage. Criminals escaped from asylum that kind of crazy aggressive people, they would want to hurt me because I have this wonderful face, it’s just like a work of art. Love it. Really love it, love it, love it!