Mister Sketchy’s note on the Dictionary of Sex

door | mei 22, 2023

Sketch of mister sketchy nickname the philosopher. A person who meets difficulties and complex matters with calmness and composure.

Affenliebe (German for Monkey love) and mort douce (French for sweet death).

One of the precious little books for a long time present in my library is the Wordsworth Dictionary of Sex. ‘The indispensible guide to the terminology of sexual practice from science to slang.’

It’s a miraculous collection of terms explained in easy simple language and goes into all kind of intriging topics, such as the psychical mechanisms of sex, erotic techniques, including the variety of intercourse positions, sex and religion, sex in literature and the arts. And much more.  According the authors of this directory it will give you insight into every area of human sexuality. Well, what more do we want?

Interesting are the linguistics, example: Motherfucker ‘The term ranks number 1 in the tabooness rating of dirty words.  Loop-de-loop is an older American slang term for the sixtynine-position. Monkey love A tendency to express love by showering a person with excessive attention. Literal translation of the German word Affenliebe.  Mouse douce means death occuring during intercours. See DEATH IN THE SADLE.  The term is also used to describe the sense of blissful tranquilty that follows sexual orgasm and is sometimes synonym for euthanasia.’

And it goes on and on, covering 5,000 entries. Tasty details about erectile effectivness and lust murder. It’s amusing. Will make you laugh. All the cliches.  At the end of the alphabet, arrived at Z  there’s funny information about the Zulu South African society. Unbelievable rituals. The taboo against daylight intercours.  Various other taboos. For example: avoidance sex after the husband has killed a python, crocidile or hyena. No sex after killing a crocodile. Hard to believe?


about the bookcover

The froncover of the pocket Directory of Sex edition 1994 (first published in 1987 as Sex A-Z) shows exact this cutout of the painting La grande odalisque by Jean Ingres (1841), the femmale nude figure with incorrect anatomy (exstention of the spine). This picture has not the true colors of the original.