Mister Sketchy’s advice about photography

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Sketch of mister sketchy nicknamed the philosopher. A person who meets difficulties and complex matters with calmness and composure.

Don’t do this if you want to take photographs that are deep and meaningful.

A few notes to analyse this weird piece of work. Technically it is breaking the rule of guiding the eye in one clear direction. The vertical shape has a brutal incorrect depth. Here we see an image impossible to create from the realistic point of view, no sweet reality here, it creates a sense of unease and shows a sense of the absurd. Unseen. What do we actually see beside the lack of space?

Tricky Twisted Artificial Crap?

The digital manipulation results in a sculpture of two identical dressed up legs as an abstract form. The composition is based on symmetry (twins). It could be a scene in a science-fiction movie, any moment the legs can start to walk or run away from each other like robots. 

Anyway, it is just a close-up of my blue jeans and shoes with newspaper print. Any advantage? Yes, no need to use a tripod to avoid camera shake, right?